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The Sales Cadence Private Bootcamp


Get your sales team in top shape with our Private Bootcamp! This highly customized, 1.5-day onsite training is exclusive to your company and designed to introduce your sales reps to the powerful principles underlying The Sales Cadence methodology. In real time, we’ll build out exclusive content assets, including call scripts and email templates, and immediately implement them to iterate and refine. Kraig Kleeman will spend individualized clinic team with each member of your team during the bootcamp, course correcting technique and developing an overall outreach plan that includes the correct blend of video, voice and digital.

The Private Bootcamp includes up to 5 attendees from the same company. Receive a 50% discount on all additional attendees.



The Sales Cadence Workshop is highly participatory — you won’t be sitting listening to lectures all day. You’ll be working directly with your instructor to not only build content assets across video, voice, and digital channels, but you’ll also role play and undergo individualized clinic time so that you fully internalize the process and can get instant feedback.

The live, one-and-a-half day workshop will involve not only studying The Nine Principles of Prospecting but also the Four Pillars of Buyer Thought. You’ll use your knowledge of your own industry to create a customized Sales Cadence that works for your buyers, and begin executing it immediately under the supervision of your instructor.

When you leave you will have a customized, turnkey, comprehensive Sales Cadence Playbook that includes all of the ingredients for you or your team to execute a powerful sales cadence. These tools will help you improve win rates substantially.  Through intense review of The Sales Cadence methodology, this workshop empowers you to create your own Sales Cadence best practices that equips SDRs to achieve prospecting dominance and produces exquisite results.

Day 1: 9 am – 5 pm
Day 2: 9 am – noon

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Sales Officers

  • Sales Enablement Managers and Executives

  • Sales Managers

  • SDR Leaders and Top SDR Performers

All attendees receive:

The Sales Cadence Playbook

The Sales Cadence Playbook is a comprehensive guide to developing and executing a successful prospecting process, based on tried and tested principles of persuasion. The Playbook includes sample emails, sample video scripts, call scripts, objection handling guides, and a calendar with a pre-built cadence of touch points.

The Sales Cadence Workbook

The Sales Cadence Workbook will be your guide during the course to understanding principles of The Sales Cadence and putting them into practice. Packed with exercises, assessments, and other tools, this 100+ page guide will help you develop, with your instructor, a customized Sales Cadence for your organization. You’ll build email templates, outreach calendars, voice scripts, and more. The Workbook also includes two full-length sales briefings at the end, with tips for modeling your own briefing.

All attendees who participate and demonstrate mastery of course principles will receive The Sales Cadence Certification upon completion of all programmatic requirements, along with a copy of The Sales Cadence Workbook and Playbook.

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Up to 5 attendees in one location: all must be FTEs of the same company


per person for each attendee after 5

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