What’s the key to standing out in today’s crowded inbox? Video prospecting is an emerging trend that’s already driving 8x higher open-to-reply rates. The right video, deployed in the right overall cadence of prospect outreach, can make your meeting win rates skyrocket. But it’s not enough to simply send any random corporate or marketing video to targets.

Sharp, cinematic video, produced with high attention to detail and top talent, is the first step to success. Ensuring that video content leads with fact-based research that appeals to a target’s desire for topics, trends, metrics and outcomes relevant to their role is step two. Finally, deploying cinematic video in tandem with targeted emails and voice outreach creates a winning formula for engaging prospects.


So many sales reps continue to make the same tired mistakes on cold calls to prospects. They give gatekeepers too much power and offer them easy-outs. They flatter with politeness instead of persuade with confidence. They emphasize product feature/benefit language at the expense of sharing fact-based research that grabs a target’s attention.

Voice Cadence incorporates proven strategies for cold- and warm-calling that blend the right levels of persistence and persuasion. Based on observations of 1,000,000+ cold calls, our Voice Cadence system will revolutionize your sales organization’s approach to connecting with buyers.


Email prospecting alone is a high-output, low-yield activity. Few targets begin their day excited for the deluge of sales emails focused on products they don’t want or need. But when email and social outreach are blended with the right mix of video outreach and voice calls, magic happens!

Incorporating our proprietary Digital Cadence system into your prospecting, along with Video and Voice Cadence, enables your sales organization to use the power of persuasion and research to break through and reach prospects with messaging that converts. Our proven combination piques the interest of buyers and our carefully crafted outreach cadence ensures that they become ready to engage with your sellers.