Jay Jensen is one of those people you just instantly connect with. His warm, folksy manner immediately puts you at ease. Jay visited my studio in Chicago recently, all the way from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We recorded several videos you’ll see in the coming weeks. We talked about nearly every aspect of sales and prospecting, and Jay didn’t hold back with his expert takes honed after years and years of smashing his numbers.

Jay lives his life by the motto “Life is short, but dead is a long time” — is that an impactful statement or what?

For 35+ years, Jay has worked to master one of the hardest sales environments that exists: car dealerships. He’s coached and mentored hundreds of sales reps and freely shares his knowledge on what works. Through articles he posts to LinkedIn, guest appearances on podcasts and blogs, and frequent sales training seminars, Jay is a wealth of down-to-earth, no-nonsense sales expertise.

I hope you enjoy the conversations we’ll be posting. Join in online with #kraigandjay… and stay tuned for a BIG announcement from both of us later this fall!

You’ll be hearing from Jay lots more over the coming weeks!
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