I’ve observed hundreds of sales organizations in my career, from the brand new hustle of a startup with one rep cranking out calls to the established, complex enterprise sales division with hundreds of sales professionals. I often get asked: “How do other companies excel at sales?”

Like a baby growing into an adult or a caterpillar into a butterfly, there are different stages of maturity among sales organizations. I’ve distilled my observations into The Sales Maturity Model, which I’m releasing today!

The SMM is a tool you can use to benchmark your sales team and how it performs on what I have discovered are four key areas for growth and success:

There’s no “wrong” or “right” place to be on the Sales Maturity Model — it’s simply a way for you to assess where your organization is currently and what you might need to work on next.

Curious as to where your team falls on the model? Use our interactive quiz to find out!

Contact me if you’d like a more in-depth assessment of your team — I’m currently leading private bootcamps across the country to roll out the Sales Maturity Model and help organizations understand where to focus their efforts to ensure growth and success for their sales team.