• Sale!
    Today’s prospects are more sales-resistant than ever. They’re assaulted with offers and sales pitches multiple times per week. They don’t think in terms of products and benefits. But too many sales people still try to sell with this language. Do you know what your prospects actually care about?
  • Receive a discount on any employees after the first 5 who attend a Private Bootcamp at your location. You must add the Private Bootcamp to your cart in order to purchase additional registrations at a discount.
  • Get your sales team in top shape with our Private Bootcamp! This highly customized, 1.5-day onsite training is exclusive to your company and designed to introduce your sales reps to the powerful principles underlying The Sales Cadence methodology. In real time, we'll build out exclusive content assets, including call scripts and email templates, and immediately implement them to iterate and refine. Kraig Kleeman will spend individualized clinic team with each member of your team during the bootcamp, course correcting technique and developing an overall outreach plan that includes the correct blend of video, voice and digital. The Private Bootcamp includes up to 5 attendees from the same company. Receive a 50% discount on all additional attendees.
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