The optimal ratio of SDRs to closers

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The “golden ratio” has been a mathematical standard since ancient Greece. This simple number (roughly 1.618) has been studied by artists, biologists, architects, musicians, and even financiers. Also referred to as the “Divine Proportion”, this ratio is considered to bring natural balance and visual harmony to design. Many sales managers [...]

Video Killed the Radio Star — But It’ll Save the SDR

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The Buggles burst onto the music scene in 1979 with their catchy hit Video Killed the Radio Star. The upbeat tempo and catchy chorus made the tune an instant earworm. Its lyrics captured the zeitgeist of reticence toward emerging technology that threatened to upend established entertainment. The Buggles may [...]

Under Pressure: A Barometer for your Sales Team

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Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, two legendary rockers, joined forces in 1981 for Queen’s hit single “Under Pressure”. With its iconic baseline and scat-singing, the song was ranked by Rolling Stone as the second-best collaboration of all time. Pressure, pressure, pressure Pushing down on me Pushing down on you [...]

The ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ lesson on sales persistence

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The year was 1974, long before many of today's rising sales stars were even a twinkle in their parents' eyes. The setting was Kinshasa, Zaire. The heat was sweltering. The humidity exceeded 90 percent. Muhammad Ali, who had been stripped of his world heavyweight title and banned from boxing [...]

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